If Jesus were an Educator, would he look like U?

As educators if we claimed that every day was perfect and a happily every after when the bell rang at 3:00pm we would all have noses the size of Pinocchio.   Today was one of those days for me. No reason in particular just an overwhelming sense of feeling like I can’t answer another question, solve another problem, take care of another situation or deal with another complaint (yes even administrators have those days lol).  With the long day behind me, I did as i always do.  I began to reflect on the day and work through my mind the battles that would consume my evening without some reflection time.   Most days after reflecting I am able to let go of the day and give it to God knowing that I did all that I could and that is what matters.  You see I am a firm believer in setting forth each day as a day  to do my best and I honestly feel as long as we give our best to glorify him that is all that matters, because that is all he ask of us.

Now generally speaking after that moment of me telling myself “hey you gave it your all” and cranking some KLOVE Im ready to hit the door and spend the evening with family, but tonight was different.  Tonight the same thing kept crossing my mind, “What if Jesus was an educator, would he look like U?”

As I continued to hear this question inside my head over and over again, I began to break it down…. First I began to think of administration and some different scenarios one might face.

What if Jesus were a principal…

Would he yell out of frustration when sub plans weren’t complete….or would he check on his teacher that was out to make sure they are feeling better.

Would he lash in frustration because lesson plans were late….or would he send a reminder and forgive those who had fallen short

Would he scream at the student who has been sent to him again….or would he hug them and tell him he loves them as they take a walk and talk about what happened

Would he get upset by hurtful things that others may do and say, or would he take the nail and sacrifice for the good of all

Would he judge them for their test scores….or praise them for their work

Would he focus on the bad….or simply find the good


And what if Jesus was a teacher, how might that look? i began to think as a teacher and situations they encounter…

Would he huff in frustration when homework isn’t done…or would he invite them to lunch to see what they didn’t understand

Would he demand they obey the classroom rules….or would he reteach them through the trial

Would he give up when coworkers  have fallen short….or would he pick them up and carry them when they can’t give no more.

Would he scream in frustration when he has had a bad day ….or would he pray for guidance from his father to not give up

would he follow students around and look for things they have done wrong…or would he praise them for what they have done right

So many more would he this or would he that scenarios began to go through my mind as I thought of the positions of a school. I could do the same list for secretaries, custodians, cooks etc and not that these are certain ways I do or did react or have or have not seen in my building but just the thoughts I began to hear during my time of reflection.  From principal to teacher the list could go on, but I think the most profound thought I had through the whole night was I don’t have to wonder what if, because he was.  Jesus was and is both a  teacher and a leader and throughout the bible story after story we can read about how he would react. Basically it comes down to this,






what you never find is his reaction to be that  he would scold, he would give up, he would turn his back, he would doubt.

As I thought hard about what God was trying to teach me through all of this, I began to realize its pretty simple. Gods calling on educators is to be HIS hands and feet to OUR students, staff, parents, and anyone we may encounter…. We are called to love, forgive, teach, sacrifice and repeat. With this calling he has instilled in us the power to empower those around us,  not only for their future but for the glory of Heaven.

Now as we all know the devil is the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy and is responsible for our scolding, feeling of hopelessness, doubt and readiness to give up… He works to take the gift of empowerment from us and use us to do just the opposite and that is to deflate those who we come in contact with.  He can only be defeated through patience, prayer, and proactive responses.

As I muddled through all of these thoughts tonight, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion because God was reminding me today that he has empowered me to make a difference and the harder I fight the harder Satan will knock…the good news is God is here to pick me up and give me a new start tomorrow, the same way I am here to pick up both my teachers and students.

If we are all honest with ourselves we will admit that sometimes its easier than others, but when I think of all the times I have fallen short of the glory of God and he has responded by opening his arms asking me to run back to the father,  I can’t wait to open my arms with love to those who I come into contact with tomorrow.

God is so good, and I am thankful that a day that seemed so overwhelming can end with a touching message from him.. As i close tonight, I challenge you all to answer this one question  “if Jesus were an educator , would he look like U?”

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord I thank you for the calling you have placed on those in education and tonight I pray for anyone who reads this that their lives may be touched through personal reflection. Lord i pray as you speak to them that they get a fresh start tomorrow to be your arms and feet. Lord I pray for patience to teach, forgive, love, sacrifice and repeat.Thank you for loving us even when we fall short. Grant us that same love for those we encounter. In your name I pray. AMEN






Life is too short… Live for the moment not the day

Many of you who have followed my blog previously know that when triumph or tragedy stricks, I write (or in today’s day in time, type lol ☺️)… Its without a doubt a coping mechanism for me, and a calling that I believe I am lead to fulfill. So this blog entails another “elishaism” that struck me when life dealt the loss of Sgt. David Gibbs.

Life is too short. One of the pastors who gave the tribute at the funeral spoke these four short words. Or at least I think he did. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that day and I continued to think about how short life really was that I honestly don’t remember if it was said or if that was just a phrase that continued to be stamped in my head. So let me back up because I shouldn’t say someone said something when I really don’t know…
All in all it doesn’t matter who said it, it’s true….life is too short. The scary part of the meaning behind those words is we don’t know how short or too short may be. Unfortunately, as humans we don’t come with an expiration date like the food we place in our refrigerator or cabinet. Instead we come with a purpose that God trust us to fulfill until the time comes that he needs us more than those we are closest to. As we live to fulfill this purpose he provides us with new days for both new beginnings and for memories that will last a lifetime. We are created to prosper and not take one second, one minute, or one breath for granted. The only way to do this is to live for  moment and not for the day. 

As an OCD extremist this is something that I struggle with daily. First and for most I’m a planner. I want dates and times on a calendar highlighted in different colors to represent their meaning. Secondly I’m a perfectionist. I want items in my house put in place where they belong and what doesn’t have a place thrown out or given away. I can’t relax unless the closets are organized, counter is clean, clothes are laid out for the next morning and lunches are packed tightly in a lunchbox placed in a backpack. The list goes on and on but you get the picture. 

This is my normal and my sense of peace, but when I think about the phrase  “life is too short” and the meaning behind “live for the moment not the day”, I have to ask myself is my sense of normal necessary to fulfill my purpose. 

Is it necessary to follow behind and pick up after my kids as they play toys…. When the purpose is to create memories with them on the floor?

Is it necessary to fret over the laundry not washed or folded just right….when the purpose is to have just enough to give us something to clothe with as we live for the moments of that day?

Is it necessary to highlight dates at school and organize things to an extreme… When the purpose of school is to create relationships with students and inspire them to succeed?

Don’t get me wrong, the thought of letting go of my life and not planning moment for moment is scary and the idea of not getting home until dark on a school night when clothes have yet to be laid out for the next day seems unrealistic to me, but playing devils advocate I have to ask myself what am I missing out on by planning moment by moment of life? Especially when I’m not promised I’ll be here when the moment I am worried about planning takes place. 

The truth of the matter is the moments that we are missing are moments we can never get back. It’s that one second, on minute one breath that we have to leave a legacy, and make memories that others may one day smile on. 

As we all stood around and honored Sgt. Gibbs I never heard anyone mention how organized he was, or how clean his house was and my mind began to race… What will people say about me? What will they say about you? I know one thing for sure they will speak of the times they had with you and what they meant. Not how clean your house was when they got there or how hard you planned to make those times happen.

 Don’t get me wrong, to completely let go seems impossible for an OCDer like myself but impossible is possible when you think about the possibility that today could be the end of your “too short”.  And even if it still seems unrealistic (like it does for me) a happy medium is a start. 

Tonight in the midst of my elishaism I have to ask if that was true and today was your last day what would today look like? Would you hug your kids one more time, call your grandparents and sAy I love you…. Would you go to coffee with a friend you have promised to go with forever ago, or would you head to the lake on a school night because you just need time ☺️

Whatever it would be that you would do, do it! Run that marathon, read that devotion, play outside until dark while the summer hours are still here and Above all work every second to fulfill the purpose that God created you for as you live for the moment not the day. #lifeistooshort 

Prayers for a fallen hero….

I haven’t blogged in forever, but while scrolling through Facebook I ran across these two photos in honor of those showing respect for the fallen trooper and so many emotions ran through my mind. To many seeing the photos on their story board would mean nothing, but to a trooper or a troopers wife, it is a feeling that is indescribable. 

The uniform….there is nothing more honorable. The selfless men and women who put it on daily to serve and protect do so with care, with ease ,and with perfection. They spend hours preparing it as they shine their brass and iron out the creases making sure one button is not missed and one crease is  left untouched.  With their shoes polished They slip on their white shirt and vest and begin to sweat before even dressing. Finally their shirt is buttoned and the back is tucked in with a fold on each side. Their badge is attached and gun belt tightened.

 With their head held high they place their hat upon their head with a slight shift down in front and kiss their loved ones as they walk out the door not knowing what this shift may hold.

For a loved one at home that kiss brings such emotion. An emotion of pride and admiration. Chills of honor for Having the privilege to be married to their hero. There is no fear or worry but a sense of peace in knowing God has their protection as they fulfill their calling. Although their young children may not totally understand the significance behind what their mom or dads uniform represents the pride in their eyes when they see it on their parents and beg to turn the siren on one time signifies the hero they see in them. 

To society they do it to serve and protect, but to those wearing the uniform it’s so much more. When they prepare and wear this astonishing uniform they do it to honor to those who have gone before them, and live up to the promise of being “my brothers keeper”.  It’s a calling and a passion to serve the state of Kentucky, and one that pulls so strongly at their hearts. Just look at the arms and eyes of a member of this thin grey line during the playing of my old Kentucky home and the goosebumps and emotions they have will explain it all. 

As they enter their shifts they do so with selfless minds prepared to sacrifice at all cost to save another. They witness hurt, indescribable scenes, are first responders, counselors, and consolers. So much more than ticket writers. 

 These emotions ran rantly though my mind as I watched the pictures and comments flood my timeline in honor of the fallen trooper last night….


Although I have never met him the hurt I have for   his family is real and it’s one that everyone who belongs to the thin grey line family understands. I’m so thankful for his selfless service. For the hours he spent shining his brass and tucking his shirt in just right. I’m thankful for the oath he took to serve and the sacrifices he made along the way. 

Today I pray for his family, loved ones and friends. I pray for those who will suit up to honor him and for all that are changing their photos in hurt of a fallen brother. Although the hurt will never go away may they find peace in the family surrounding them in the thin grey line, and comfort from God during this difficult time. Prayers for a fallen hero.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding.

One year ago today….

Our lives were turned upside down, and the day as we had planned had taken a turn in another direction and in our eyes it was a turn for the worst. Never would I imagine that 365 days later that day would have been looked at as a blessing, but today being 365 days later I can honestly say that day was a turn for the good in our family and one that a year later I am thankful for.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I can tell you that I was wearing black and white shorts my bright green audience one tshirt and a pair of tennis shoes as I walked out of the house at 710 am with our boys headed to walmart to provide the house with peace and quiet so daddy could sleep bc he had gotten home late that morning. We were planning a trip on the boat because the boys had been begging to go, so we headed to walmartto get snacks and ice when Nathan called about 830 .

I was checking out of walmart and he was giving me a list of more items to get. So I got out of line got his request and checked back out agin. The. He called at 9 with a couple more items. Back inside I went frustrated at him lol. At 915 the phone rang again and he was asking me to run by at woods to pick up our cooler. I agreed to as I drove my car into the car wash. 8 min later I was under the dryer at the cRwash with a car full of groceries when the phone rang again and I saw it was Nathan.

I answered the phone with irritation bc I was assured that he would have just one more thing for me go get. But what I heard on the other end wasn’t a request it was a plea.

My heRt dropped as my husband told me to get home. His gun had discharged and the bullet had gone through his foot. Immediately my heart began to beat out of my chest and tears filled my eyes. I looked back in the back seat of the Yukon to our two precious boys and knew I had to hold it together and I had to act fast for them. I immediTly called my mother in law and told her I was on my way and needs her to come out to the car and get the boys. I told her Nathan had s h o t (spelling out the letters making sure not to say it) his f. O o t (spelling it out also) and I needed to drop boys off until I knew what was going to happen. I told her to call dean and have him call Nathan and talk with him til I can get there and meet me at the hospital.

About that time Nathan called again. He told me to hurry he felt like he was about to pass out. So I stepped on the gas and called our good friend and neighbor tommy and told him what had happened and I needed him to go to the house and check on Nathan. He didn’t even say bye he dropped his phone and I heard his four wheeler start and speed off.

I was in the driveway before long and tommy got Nathan to the car. Calm as can be we drove fast to the hospital. He had wrapped Nathan’s foot in a towel at Nathan’s request so I didn’t have to see it.

I ran into the emergence room and screamed at them to help. After I said gun shot wound people swarmed from everywhere and before I knew it he was coming in on the stretcher with Iv doctors and nurses surrounding him and the towel was gone. For the fist time I got a look at it and as I began to break down in fear in tears and collapse in what was happening, my father in law walked in and I fell into his arms. He held me so tight and whispered it is all gong to be ok.

The words were comforting but I was in disbelief. The strongest man I know was laying there hopeless and it continued to be deeper and darker as they sent us to uk medical hospital and the surgeon tells us he will more than likely lose his foot.

I began to think life was over I began to worry about how long our stay Woukd be there, I worried about Nathan, an
Bout our boys, about my new job, and about the days ahead. My phone went crazy with calls and text and I tried to respond to everyone but I had no words no hope no energy.

It was the longest day of my life and it was full of worry anger and a lot of “why me’s” for both Nathan and I. However one year later I praise god for the purpose behind this day

We spent 10 days in the hospital and experienced highs and lows. From there we came home and life as we knew it was t the same , we hD a new sense of normal to get used to and believe you and me it was t easy. However it was purposeful.

Today one year later I smile and can proudly say Nathan and I have stronger faith In Christ then ever before, I can say without a doubt our marriage is stronger than ever and we are the closest in terms of best friends than we ever have been. As a Christian we have been able to witness to 18,000 plus people and as a person I have Learned to ask for help and be thankful for true friends and coworkers. I have leaned on and learned the power of prayer, and have an appreciation for the brotherhood of the Ksp and the family of Cisd.

I have watched Gods story at hand unfold Dailey and wait In Anticipation for the final chapter to be written on race day of iron man in Louisville one week and seven days later, august 24,2014

On this day I am thankful for ti
He day God brought us to our knees and I am reminded today that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if that chapter hadn’t been wrote.

Although at times the water seemed to rise above a safe level and the storm rocked our boat harder than we could bear, I’m thankful one year later to the date that we stayed In the boat.

You see God never promises to keep the water of life a peaceful current that us bearable by all, but what he does promise is if you stay in the boat when the waves of the devil begin to crash and life seems unbearable he will calm the storm and never leave your side. We simply have to put on his life preserver and allow him to work on his timing not yours.

One year to date I’m thankful for the storm on August 17 2013 and I look forward to the rainbow on august 24th 2014

Stay tuned for the final chapter 🙏
And throughout the next week until midnight of august 24th….. #pray4Nate

A 6 hour drive a 6 mile run

When I first began blogging it was simply a way to keep people posted on Nathan’s journey in the hospital. It was a way to have to not call 100 people or text 200 every time a decision was made or surgery was to be had to ask for prayers. The more I wrote I realized this blog was more than that. It was my release. My way of dealing with what had happened and was happening and finding a way to sooth it in my mind and soul. The next stage of this blog was intended to share Nathan’s victories. It was to inspire and give him support and motivation
to keep training, keep getting better, and keep working toward the goal in mind. After 6 hours of driving for me today and 6 miles running for Nathan we realized this blog, this story, this victory isn’t about anything it has been before. It isn’t about updates, it isn’t about supporting him, it isn’t about simply sharing our journey, it’s about gods story, gods power, gods love and gods promise to never leave us when we lean on him. This story, this testimony, this blog is About his victory when we ask him to be our lord and savior. It’s about living for the promise of the golden streets when our time on earth is done. Therefore I write for those who make a mochary of it, I right for those who have a hard heart, for the those who have been through a struggle and don’t know what to do and for those who are lost and need to know Jesus as his their personal Lord and Savior. I write with my hands and give the words that are typed to Gods glory and the story he wants to tell.

Without a doubt my faith has deepened in the last 11 months of my life. Through out this journey I have learned so many valuable lessons as a Christian. Today was one of those moments. Today as I drove 6 hours and Nathan ran 6 miles God taught me to realize
#1 what we look for in a victory is
Not always what God looks for in a victory
#2 God calls us to be faithful to him and have faith in his purpose, plan, and timing.

Lesson 1Our victory verses Gods victory

This week And last Nathan has been struggling with a knee issue. We think it is just bruising but it has been at a point where the pain won’t allow him to run bike swim or train. So he has stayed off of it iced and rest and done all that we can to heal this silly bruise.

Tonight as drive off to begin my 6 hour drive to my babies Nathan had decided to give the run a try. See how he felt and look for an answer from the man with the plan to keep moving forward or to face the possibility that maybe Gods intension was for this to never happen in the first place….

So Nathan called me when he began his run and I vowed to pray for him from the moment he began until the time he called me to say he was finished.

As I drove I 65 the windows were down and klove Was blaring on my radio and I sent up my first prayer for this run, this knee, the crossroad in this journey… As I concluded the prayer a new song begAn and one with perfect timing. It was mandessas your an overcomer! I immediately sent the song to Nathan and told him to listen to it! It’s his story as what we are facing right now with this knee and god is telling him your an overcomer.

The text back said “keep praying 2 miles in and I feel great”

So I did!!! With tears rolling down my face on now 465 I prayed and prayed and prayed harder than before! This time at the end of my prayer the song I need you now came on! Coincidence that this song was perfect for the moment! No not at all because for those trust in The Lord there is no coincidence it’s called Gods divine interventions.

This song brought more emotion than I can ever explain. Thankfully I was stopped in traffic that was backed up because before I knew it my left hand was out the window in the air pressing God my left foot was shaking uncontrollably.

An emotion and a sense of peace came over me like I have never felt before! I smiled a huge smile wiped my tears and began to praise God because In my heart I knew without a doubt at that moment Nathan was running and having no problems and I was fining God praises for his answered prayers because I could feel that something powerful was happening!!

I prayed and praised in the car from 1-65 to 465 to I65. For an hour and a half I spent alone time with God and lifted up the man I love in support of what he needs. Coincidence that I had my iron man support crew shirt on? No not at all because remember I just said there are no coincidence with God.

Wasn’t long and my phone rang it was Nathan! I coulnt wait I answered so excitedly because I knew it was a successful run I had felt it!!

When I said hello I didn’t hear the same excitement on the other end.The run was complete but there wasn’t that no hurt no swelling completing healed knee that I was anticipating

After Nathan and I hung up I’m not going to lie I was feeling defeated. My bubble was burst and I was confused at the feeling I had that it was all going to be ok.

I knew if I was feeling defeated he was too. So I pulled off at the nearest exit to get gas downloaded your an overcomer and sent him a text to download it to his phone and listen with me. I promised to listen until he told me he had done that and listened to it as well.

I finished getting gas started my car put the song on repeat and pulled back onto highway 69.

I had no idea where I was at that time in the 6 hour drive because for the first time ever on the drive home I had not been paying attention to mile markers. I had drove with the intention of spending alone time with God. However god knew where I was because as the song ended I came upon the exit to Muncie Indiana and I smiled!! I had that confidence again because we are overcomers and God proved this by that song and exit!

I sent a picture of the exit to Nathan and about that time he sent back that he had listened and I was a peace again because today’s drive and run was a victory.

I had learned a valuable lesson. I had wanted so badly for today’s victory to be a heeled knee a run with no pain and a feeling of moving forward and when that didn’t happen I became discouraged. I am sure many resders have felt the same way at times. So today I write to say don’t loose faith. During moments when you are closest to god and feel the power of success in the Holy Spirit the devil will fight hard to bring you down!

As humans we allow this to happen when we fix our eyes on our victory not gods. Today was his victory an although it was not the victory we thought it was a powerful victory. I encourage you today to walk for his victory not your own selfish ones.

Lesson 2 God calls us to be faithful in his plan purpose and timing.

Without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done is share this testimony online to millions of resders. It’s personal it’s emotional and it’s scary to put your thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to read. However today I promised to trust his plan and purpose and write no longer to support ,keep posted ,or release feelings ,but write for those who are not saved and for those who make a mochary of this blogging process. My prayer is that our personal story and faith in god will one day save a soul.

As you read today please know that Jesus loves you and wants more than anything to be your personal savior. If you aren’t saved I would love to talk to you.

If you are I encourage you to talk and walk with him Dailey. Today I learned without a doubt when you spend quiet time with him he will talk to you. Through song, through miles markers, and through tears.

God is so good! His timing is not always ours but he promises to never leave us and never let is down!

Thank you to those who have loved and supported us. Continue to pray for Nathan’s knee and this journey to not only iron man but the biggest journey of all and that is Gods story that is being written for purpose!


Time to reflect….

Shew what a morning! Without a doubt my heart has been tugged and now that they are on the road I have a moment to release the emotion as I sit beside the bike in area awaiting their next transition…

The atmosphere is like nothing I have ever been a part of before! The most positive, encouraging, motivational, and inspiring place that fills your heart with joy and your eyes with tears!

The athletes are amazing!!! They are of all ages all shapes and all sizes. Goosebumps form and the crowd cheers intensely when wheelchairs roll through, age 84 appears on a calf and a guy pushes his son who is paralyzed…

I appreciate the enthusiasm these athletes bring to the spectators but what many may not realize is there are athletes worthy of the same cheer just happens to be the mountain they have overcome isn’t as visible….

Some have overcome tragedy, some have over come injuries, some have over come those who said they can’t, some have overcome the mental man and many have overcome the devil. My athlete has overcome all of the above!!!!!

When he entered that water I cheered so loud because among the spectators standing on the beach of Muncie cheering for the blue cap start only I knew his story and what that count down meant to him and the testimony he is writing.

To athlete 1617, It meant a flashback to August 17 when life changed (no coincidence 17 is the last two digits of his race number God planned that with purpose) ,it meant sevetal surgeries, ICU, a nerve block, a wheelchair, a potty chair, crutches, and 12 days in the uk hospital. It meant tears, fear, anger, worry, stress, prayers, faith, valleys and mountains!

It meant the moment he has worked for Dailey has come and by the grace of God he has overcome and is ready to perform.

As the cannon blast at 7:25 am I cheered as loud as my lungs would let me and tears streamed down my face with pure excitement for a man I love, a man I admire and a man who is truly my hero.

Without a doubt there are days and times that I take the man God blessed me with for granted so from a supporter standpoint an emotional part of this for me is the appreciation of who he is and what he has overcome and knowing he is the one God chose me to spend forever with!

He IS A rock and he IS MY rock! I can’t wait to cheer him in and be the one who stands to the right with my arm around him as he takes his finish line photo!



‘Twas the night before ironman….

And all through the room
Not an athlete was stirring not even my groom….

Schmity and Becca in one bed
Nate dog by my side
Dreaming visions of tomorrow’s
swim bike and ride

Their bikes are at transition
Registration packs filled out
They scouted the course
And are ready no doubt

They have trained and prepared harder than any I know
Now it’s time to dominate
Ready set go

70.3 miles
For #teamlionstrong
Good luck schmidty and Becca
Toby and King Kong

Swim like a shark
And bike like a beast
Run like a cheetah
And then you may feast…

In the satisfaction of finishing
ironman strong
Compete like a lion
Brag lifetime long